Franchised Pizza in NW: $249,900.00

Take advantage of this opportunity to own a well-established franchised pizza store.

Very nice location with repeat customers.

There is a deal between the current owner and franchisor to pay a website maintenance fee of $55 monthly. However, next buyer will need to have an agreement with the franchisor if same deal is not honored.

Franchised Chicken Outlet: $299,900.00

This store has a good location it is situated opposite BRT station and Bus stop on 17th Avenue SE! coming from West to East, this chicken plaza is the first you will see which gives it maximum exposure.

The franchise fee is paid in full hence there is no Royalty payments. The unique thing about this franchise is you can have 40% of their chicken and 60% of any other fast food non franchised confectioneries. The sellers started pizza delivery not too long ago.

All equipment are new in the store and equipment is valued at around $450,000!


Franchised Burger in Calgary: $199,900.00

Take advantage of this well-established store located in a residential area in SW. The meat for their Burgers is made fresh in the store and not from frozen pre packed patties. They also have repeat customers as well.

Stuffy Rider Outlet: $159,900.00

As an operator of Stuffy Riders, you can take the animals to festivals, carnivals, and special events to generate additional review.  It is a very easy and financially rewarding business ventures; a way for the parents to keep their children entertained while they shop in the mall. Children enjoy riding the animal of their liking because the characters are from Disney World animals which most children are familiar with.

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